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Thursday, 12 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Pls post my story asap.I'm 24 and my bf is 30,he is matured, financially ok and ripe for marriage but he insisted on me getting pregnant b4 we get married of which i perfectly understand why.His elder sister has been married for 6yrs without a child and his mum has been running arnd for her so she begged him to impregnate his girl b4 marriage so she wldn't have the cause to run arnd for him too after marraige.He has been begging me to get pregnant since i was 22 but i was still in school so i refused. In the long run, b4 i graduated last year,i took in for him.When i told him,i didn't get what i expected @all, he was kinda cold but i didn't mind, when his mum heard,she was really happy and made arrangements to see my parents but in october,my bestfriend died and i lost the pregnancy due to the stress.When i told him abt it, there was this satisfaction on his face,like he never wanted the baby in the 1st place,and this is a man that has been begging me for years to take in for him.His attitude hasn't changed towards me, he still calls and takes me out like he used to,he stood by me after i lost the pregnancy,he gives me whatever i need,he flaunts me,except for the part where he never talks abt a baby or marriage especially now that i'm done with schl and clearly ready for marriage.i'm not desperate for marriage so i can't be asking him whatsup abt it,i'm just 24. i just dnt want to make a mistake of a lifetime.I just need some advice pls. Could he be fed up of me or what? pls post.. .thanks
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