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Friday, 20 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Ermm, where should i start from? Well i was in a lovey dovey relationship with this cute boy and everything looked all rosey and beautiful. Am the loyal kind of gf that every guy will love to have. I support whomever am with spiritually financially and emotionally. I supported this guy with everything listed above and all i ever prayed for was things to work out for him in his endeavours.
Well after barely 4 months of dating, this guy changed and said he was tired of the relationship, i asked what my offence was and all he could say was that we were getting too serious,i sighed and was speechless, he said he needed time for himself to sort himself out and i decided to respect his decision by staying on a low. What is space because i dont seem to comprehend, he hardly even calls to check up on me and when i call to check up on him he gives me cold shoulder so i decided to just put him at the back of my mind and try to move on. We are now in diff states so all my thinking is there is another girl, his a fine boy so getting a girl shouldnt be hard for him. Along the line a friend introduced me to her friend and we got talking, he was the opposite of my so called bf. (Gentle to the core, nice, friendly, handsome as well) he was just like a perfect gentleman and all.i tried not to fall but imagine a girl in that situation that could no longer define wether she was in a relationship or not, we met and he was cool. I fell for him and we started dating. So far his been the best bf too but at times i get scared that hope this one too wont ask for space or change like my so called bf,i dont want to inagine it hitting me one more time. I didnt break up with the other dude officially but his love irritates me now and he never changed his ways too so i decided to cut it quit in my mind and take the risk, what if this guy comes back and start behaving, what will happen to this new guy? Have i committed a crime loving someone else, did i cheat on my so called bf? Different things on my head, please kindly advice.
Only those who had been in this kind of situation will understand.
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