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Saturday, 21 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Am not married to my boyfriend yet but we live together. Ever since he proposed life has Been good but he told me that he hate tight pussy,,before he finally marries me that we will have to slack it and make it wide. He said when ever he penetrates me,he is always bruised because am too tight. So recently my boyfriend now use different objects like touch,coke bottle,cream container,wine bottle etc to penetrate me before he finally makes love to me. It wAs fan not until I started bleeding each time we make love. I had to go see a doctor, which he asked what I think caused it,so I explained to him all My boyfriend has been doing since I did not see it as a secret. But the doctor got upset and wrote a letter to some organisation,who now invited my boyfriend for questioning. But the truth Is that I did not know the gravity of what he was doing to me until then. After the talk with him,he came back home and broke up with me,with the excuse that I talk too much and can't keep a secret. He said someone like me can't build a home,that many husbands to worse to the wife but just common bottle he used on me I went to report.
Right now am really frustrated because he threw me out.I had to run to the doctor for help and he took me to his house,but to my surprise that same night he came to sleep with me too. Now am stuck. Should I just be giving it to the doctor until I get accommodation or go beg my boyfriend. Am really really frustrated . Men are big wild animals .
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