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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

From a male blog reader:
There is this girl I meet online, I invited her over to my place and went through her whatsapp messages, only for me to find out she has been sleeping with her female friend boyfriend, she asked the guy over whatsapp why didn't he use condom when they where having sex.
I read all the chats and pretended like noting happened, we had sex a couple of times which felt very good to be honest, she was really tight down there and me being on the skinny side am quite big there as well.
After some weeks she called me saying she was pregnant that I should send her money to remove the pregnancy since we are both not ready to have a child and her dad also happens to be pastor, right now am confused, should I send her the money or should I tell her to go and meet the other guy she has been sleeping with too since he could also be the father of the child. Please advice me on what to do, because she has been raining insult and curses upon me through text messages.
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