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Thursday, 12 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I love my boyfriend so much and he says he loves me too but he has some attitude I dont like (he promises me stuffs and fail not like I ask for some of the things) and recently while chatting I told him I want a man that wont promise and fail when my kids wanna pay school fee and all then he vexed and changed it for me that I said he wont be a responsible father,mind you some months ago I got pregnant and while we were discussing about it I told him out of anger that after sorting this we should break up,well he paid for an abortion but didnt show me care at all and I went throughthe process alone but he came back begging with his friend(the friend was not aware of what he did)saying I caused it by saying we should break up after the abortion and I forgave him. Been telling him I need a phone and he said he needs one too but anytime he talks about it he talks about getting a phone for himself only then I brought his attention to it only for him to say has he even gotten the phone yet that am just a pretender that I should go look for a man that will be able to take care of my needs that he was even planning a surprise for me and all that.ps ( we have been together for 3years and he claims to love me,though sometimes I feel he loves me by his action but since december that all this happened I have been confused) kindly drop your comments bomites and I ll give her to read because I was speechless when she told me as I can see she loves the guy.thank you
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