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Thursday, 5 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Hi please anonymous! I'm 24yrs and my boyfriend is 40yrs, we started dating nov 2016, and he loves me so much like he says and wants to get married to me as soon as possible. He has introduced me to his mum, and told his family about me . But me on the other hand , dnt love him but I do like him really much, but I haven't told anyone about him yet . Now my problem is, I always doubt he loves me truely because this guy loves sex a lot . Like he loves talking about sex every time , and the funniest part is he loves sex, but it takes him time to get an erection, even when he does, he can't last for more than 2mins 😭. This guy will not rest oo he will start rubbing his divk for another round . I'm not sure what this guy is after , dnt know if it's love or sex. Now he wants to move to my state so he can be closer to me. Should I just tell him to stay where he is and then leave the relationship gradually or do I continue with him maybe I will love him someday. (Mind you I tried breaking up but he wouldn't let go) . Plus he thinks im with him because I want to spend his money and leave him broke. He is as stingy as f$&k . I'm really tired. I just can't find the perfect man :(
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