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Monday, 16 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I am a Sickle Cell patient. Although there is no way you could guess that, didn't possess any physical trait that is traceable to SC and i barely fall ill too. My malaria is just thrice in a year at max, this makes it easy 4 me to hide who i am. Have had several relationships but d last one i had crashed cos of my gynotype (he said, one of his frnd that got married to a sickle cell gisted him about how fragile we re, nd hes not willing 2 move on) i cried my eyes out 4 suffering from d mistake my parents made(even though their sins are forgiven). Since den have decided not 2 disclose my gynotype 2 any guy am dating until am certain of his intentions. So i met this guy sometimes last year nd we've been dating for over 5months now. I love him so much and he loves me too. But each time i remember there is something am still keeping from him i get broken. Am willing to tell him but am scared he might walkaway, he might lose his trust, he might not bliv me again. BOM i need advice, should i just tell him and accept my fate in time or wait till we ve gone far. NB he has jokingly asked me if i was SS b4 but we laughed over it (could have told him d truth at that point but i just cant cos what led to that conversation was a death of a sickle cell friend). And now am scared of telling him that is who i am.. Go ahead and insult me, call me names but remember you are not better than me, its grace that singled you out. #WeAreSickleCellWarriors #WeAreNotSicklers
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