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Sunday, 8 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I love attention so much and will do anything to have it.
I am 34 years and I have no boyfriend because they all ran away because of my attention seeking nature .
First boyfriend I threatened to jump down from a moving car . 2nd I used a knife to stab my hand . 3rd I faked death . 4th I went naked in the market and many more so they all ran.
Yesterday after thinking of my lonely life I decided to seek for attention by committing suicide,I dressed on my hot short dress hoping to open my legs when I fall . and did my best make up,my hair was on point as I took my very long rope and stool and headed to where I wanted to kill myself. I made sure people where around especially guys because they have correct guys in that area. As I tied the rope I was seriously looking around if anyone was watching . So many people passed and saw me but nobody even stopped to pity or ask me to stop . I kept waiting and doing my drama, pretending to make my last wish and people kept passing without stopping . I was sitted on that bench from 9am till 7pm.
Nobody asked me to pack my rope and go home .
I got home had my bath and slept praying I don't die in my sleep .
Lessons I learnt,nobody cares for you if you can't care for yourself.
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