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Sunday, 22 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I'm in a serious relationship with my boyfriend. And we v been everything to each other. We have had out ups n down. Times he cheated on me. I would back out but he would still find a way back to my life. Till he eventually stopped cheating. Maybe he still does nd hides it but I decided to focus on the fact that I don't see the signs of cheating I used to see anymore.He is bent on settling down with me latest next year. And I am so much in love with him. He has been a brother, a father, a lover and my best friend all together. This is to let u know how much we love ourselves. Some people even think we are married when I go to visit him. But the issue is this. He is yahoo guy. It's an illegit business and I know. In fact I use to say I would never date a Yahoo guy. Little did I know I was going to be in love with one. We been dating for a year now. And he told me what he does from the beginning but the case was different. The day he asked me out, it was love at first sight. And I jus couldn't back out cos he surprises me with new reasons to love him more daily. He has decided to start up a new business after I spoke to him. But for those of u that know Yahoo guys, not all of them are fetish and even if they start a new business its not so easy for them to leave what has been putting food on the table. I don't even know how to present it to my parents when it's time tie the knot. I was thinking of lieing to them about what he does but I don't know if its okay cos he would definitely start up another business anytime soon. I.don't know if someone in my shoes understand where I'm coming from. I wouldn't like us to be hiding from police when we are married. Right now he left his apartment in Lagos cos police went there for a search on his laptop or so. So he is on the run now. And I know at the end what they would want is to be sorted with money but I don't like that kind of lifestyle. My man is very intelligent and hardworking. But lack of Job in the country pushed him to this after graduating. And u know it's not easy leaving something that has gotten u a building , a car, in fact he trains his younger ones with this,sent two of his siblings abraod, takes care of his parents and all of that. Pls My people I need matured advice. I don't know how to leave someone who hasn't hurt me jus like that cos of his kind of business and move on without pains. And if I stay, I don't want to be judged cos we all know Yahoo is collecting other people's money. We are too deep in this. Pls advice me. Thanks n bless u all
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