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Monday, 16 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Please keep me anonymous, I have a serious issue , its about my relationship life, I am 26 years and my boyfriend is 29years I have dated this guy for 8 years, started from when he is nothing, we agreed on getting married ,since we met, my family and his family became family friends, his father is a" brother " from charismatic (Catholic) he also has a ministry. as years goes on, when my boy friend wants to travel to outside country , his father urged him to pay my dowry before he go since he said he wants to marry me. But i refused that time, reason is cos I told him to use the money he has and travel that then when he settle he can come and pay my dowry, for all the years he was outside country I faithfully waited for him patiently,, God bears me witness, and all this while his father was aware of our plan and supported us , now he has turned from nobody to somebody God has blessed him. He started helping me out financially even in my school stuffs,OK he came back on October last year he told his father that he will pay my dowry on Dec 2016 and the rest , but his dad did not buy the idea on the ground that if he will do anything concerning marriage he should wait till this year 2017, saying that they need to build house before any thing, OK we agreed its 2017 after all its not far .what matters is that we are together forever and happy. Now the problem now is . his dad , who said he will pray over our marriage , on Nov later after praying it turns out to be negative, saying that God dose not approve our marriage. Hmmmmmm, as I am writing this now since that Nov am still crying and eating my tears cos my life will be chartered without him , deeply my heart is broken, he is all I got , we love each other soo much that we cant let go! even after the incident we are still communicating and now he has gone back to where he is residing. I feel like the world is empty I have build all my life with him Please help me and save a soul ..thanks I will reading the comments ..
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