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Monday, 16 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I'd like to be anonymous please. I just want to go straight to the point. I have a boyfriend I met early last year , January to be precised. But we didn't start dating then till late last year, when he came back to Nigeria. Through out when he was in was in Nigeria, I never cheated on him. Infact, I dumped all guys cause of him till he left. I went back to school and was still trying not to cheat just maybe make out and the likes. Fast forward to December last year, I cheated on my boyfriend with more than 2 different people. December was a month of waywardness for me. Which I regret, anyway I didn't see my period in December and I was scared but when I used the test stripes it read negative. But as I'm writing this I've not seen my period and i don't know what to do I'm loosing my mind. My boyfriend has been talking about marriage lately and I feel so ashamed because right now I'm not even sure who owns the child if I'm even pregnant. Please I need advice on what to do, I've not gone to the hospital yet because I'm scared. Is it normal for me to miss a whole month of my flow? Should I tell my boyfriend ? Advice me please , Please insult with caution.
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