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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Please keep me anonymous, I'm in my early twenties a 400 student though my course is a 5years course.. I'm in a relationship and I love him so much that I sometimes wonder why and I know he loves me too. He is everything u can ever wish for he's caring loving and he gives me even when I don't ask ..but bfor we started dating I told him I don't want to have sex cos I'm a virgin(wish to be till my wedding night) I'm against premarital sex(nt dat I'm holy) and I also don't want to disappoint my parents especially my mom,he agreed and said as long as we do every other thing he is OK by it, was really happy I finally met a guy that wants me without sex..We have been dating for 3months nw and each time we see the urge for sex sets in but I try to control myself cos I don't wanna disappoint my mom ( she really trust me) and he keeps begging that he wants to be the one to disvirgin me.
Recently we were talking about val and he was like we should travel and lodge in a hotel after having fun in the day time, i told him I'm scared of what might happen dat we can go and come back the same day he got vexed and told me he would be staying back thr after I leave if I don't want to,he said I just like tying him down wen I have nothing to offer(was really hurt wen he said it) although he later apologise for saying it.. The issh is I really love this guy and
I'm scared of loosing him and I don't want to loose my moms trust or disappoint her also
Wat if I give him by virginity and he later leaves me?
Was told to never try abortion if I get pregnant myt loose my life(medical report) Wat if he gets me pregnant and denies me?
Wat if he just stops loving me after taking my virginity? Wat if he is sincere with me and won't leave me after everything? I'm seriously confused..I need ur advice... Please no insults.
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