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Sunday, 15 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I met this man on Facebook in 2015 he sent a request which I accepted and we started chatting and all he keep saying is that he wants to marry me, I never gave him good answer because he looks too old.....I am 23 a corper serving in one of the state, fast forward to this year we started chatting again which he told me to make out time to see him that he is in the country so after much disagreement and he pleaded so I had to go,on that faithful day I finally met him,his not bad was cool my kind of man in appearance I wonder why he looks old in pictures. 35 years in age ...a very busy man we were in one of his factory that is how busy he can be, well he was still saying the same thing that what will it cause him to have me,which I told him to take it one After another that I am not rushing it besides his story is complicated because he has a son which I asked about the mother of his child he said they have separated(divorce) which I ask he more about the woman all he said is that is a story for another day...now to the main issue that brought me here...BOMITES please I don't want to make mistakes not for any reason I need advice because I don't know if his telling me the truth about the divorce issue with her and I don't know who to ask. Besides the boy in questions is about 12 years according to him, once in a while he brings the boy back home (Nigeria) to know about his people like now the boy is with the mum ever since he came back to the country ..please help me I don't want to complicate issues for my selfnot now nor in the future cause of my unborn children, because i dont know if the boy will bring back his mum when he grows,or will they start threatening me what should I do.thanks will be waiting for ur advice.
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