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Friday, 20 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I am writing this because of a guy who wrote about his gf of 7 months dumping him... I just ended my few months relationship with my bf (overseas too)yesterday. What was my offense? I slept off while talking to him on phone. Nothing Ola didnt say to me. Even asked me "to go to hell","stay in my f**king lane","find my type"and don't "chat shit" to him again. You are expecting me to keep begging you as I always do just for PEACE to reign but my bird has flown away . Well, I'll stay in my lane as you suggested. It hasn't been easy since yesterday though. I traded my respect for attention. But I have summoned all the courage to let you be and go to hell too. I "over" loved you Olamide... I wanted to be with you forever. I was loyal and I respected you. But I was just a trash bin to you. Olami,remember how I fantasized how our first child should look like you and you said No, they should look like me because I am beautiful. April was supposed to be our time. Was still making notes on how I was going to get people to give you a surprise on your birthday next month.(lemme just save my money and use it well). I had even started planning how we would spend your coming back home in april together. Every friend of mine who flaunted their BAE or BOO on snap,I told them come april uncle Bae will be back and I was goina pay back. What am I to tell them happened when april comes? I loved you Olami... You should have let me walk into 2017 single. I didn't keep any male friend . I promised you that no man would have me except you(I am still living that promise). Yes I am hurting because I had dreams with you. I sent you love notes everyday and prayed for you everyday. You even forced me to collect money from you. You promised to be the father figure that I never had, are you leaving like he did too? Olamide, no respect you've had for me but I let it go for PEACE. Everybody loved you in fact when I told J and H that we had parted ways,they put the blame on me until I showed them our chat how I have been containing your insults and disrespect. Guess what ? The bowed for my patience and endurance because they have 0 tolerance for shits that men like you do. Advise
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