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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
I met this guy way back 2014, I was a virgin still at dt time, d day he found out I was a virgin still he was happy, took me out n gave me a queen-like treat. I ad access to everything belonging to him including his money filled Atm cards, the key to his house,his cars n his heart of cus. He picks my calls, replies messages on my behalf and I do same with his.
We dated for 6 months but I felt I had knew him much long ago, he didn't disturb me nor bothered me about sex, no suspension of him cheating with another lady, he was so clean.
Then on my birthday 2015, he gave me more than a queen-like treat n promised not to let me down,long way down the talk he got me disvirgined and I felt so dirty n ashamed of myself, but then again he told me not to worry n things will work out fine. I finally braced up and had the thought i ad a real man(dt happened on a Monday,tuesday morning he went out so I cleaned d house then I noticed a wedding card on d floor and picked it only for me to discover he is getting married dt same week Fri/sat. I was dumbfounded and asked "how"? I cried and kept d card back as i found it, he came back and demanded for food, I served him(was staring at d rat poison on d window, but I discarded dt tot) he ate and we kissed. On Wednesday I said nothing not until Thursday wen he came back with my favourite ice cream and said"baby, my sister will be having her intro tomorrow and as d male child i have to go and come back Monday morning" den I asked him"when were u going to tell me u are actually going for ur wedding?" He was surprised and started crying n said d lady got pregnant n all, I asked him how n what techniques did he use cus he was so clean, he apologized and cried.
I cud not take it anymore,returned his properties with me and I left d house. He has a Kid now and the thing is every single fight he has with his wife he disturbs my Fone with calls on advice and I told Him to manage his personal problems but he keeps disturbing my Fone with calls not until his wife got to know about me and came to my office to advice her on how to get her husband back. I just don't get what she wants me to do cus I clearly don't have business Wit dt family,
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