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Friday, 13 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
We started dating 3years ago.when we have absolutely nothing,we have been tru alot 2geda and i love my guy so much and he loves me too.our wedding is in 3months,d bride price and d other traditional rite have been done.unfortunately we didn't go for this genotype of a thing sooner.we find out yesterday that we re both AS and we will end up having SS.my hubby told d doctor he rather die than leave me and i don't want to Leave Infact i can't.someone might have suffered d same fate as us.i watched his tears flow like that of a baby all tru last night,he is too innocent to suffer this heartbreak.my heart is bleeding and i honestly dont want to leave my hubby.pls i need advice...i have browse all d internet and seen nothing convincing.pls advice is what i need??i have made up my mind to do whats best...my hubby hv made us his mind to die than quit d relationship.pls have me and post.thank you
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