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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

This story was shared on Facebook by Nnamdi Ikeh-Akabogu.

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“I have a neighbour who sells foodstuffs. She travelled for the new year so so instructed a relation to pay in the money(130,000) into her Diamond Bank Account…
She was in the Banking Hall, Warehouse Branch, Apapa, with the money in her bag. While filling her teller, someone asked her if she was paying in & at which she said yes. She later joined the long pay-in queue.
After a moment, and with d queue practically not moving, a young man, dressed in corporate suit (all thought was the Bank’s cashier) came close to her and in a low voice asked for people who were paying above 100,000.
About five people stepped out and he asked them to follow him a few meters away from the queue. They all thought he was the Bank’s staff, out to offer help.
He collected all their money, the completed tellers and asked them to wait on the line, so he can go in and stamp their tellers…..
And so the man left. They waited and waited endlessly, not knowing that he had long exited the Bank,through the rear exit, with their over #650,000.00.
It was after d seemingly unending wait they decided to report d matter to the Manager,who had to come down… checked the CCTV footage and behold, the gentleman in suit, was neither the Bank’s cashier nor even a staff !
The security guard confirmed it was the third time such was happening in that same Branch alone !
My fellow Nigerians, we must BEWARE of activities of fraudsters, particularly in the Banking Halls !!
We should please share to avoid more people falling victims.”
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