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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Social media user Aone Olabode queried the rationale behind couple who fight each other after their love memories.

He wrote:
I just watched my neighbour beat his wife who put to bed few weeks ago and i'm totally heartbroken...I called the youth leader who happens to be my care caretaker and he said there's nothing he can do about because they didn't register under him and that broke my heart even more ...
But really how do people go from "hi may I know u" to love birds ,to walking down the aisle ,to making love and babies then finally to the point where the house can't contain this same people who at a time in their lives felt like they wouldn't survive without the other ?
How do u wake up one morning and see ur significant other as an enemy or someone u don't see any good in?
How do this feelings that felt so strong suddenly disappear ? Where do this feelings go to?
How do u get to the point of hitting someone u loved and Sometimes it gets so bad u want the person death ,u plan and even execute the person's murder - How?
Until we stop marrying for the wrong reasons , we just won't be done hearing stories that touch ..if love was ever genuine and real,there will certainly be those "we sail on days" but it certainly won't be anything close to hatred ...
I'm tired of hearing terrible things y'all married people do in ur houses..How difficult is it to remain single if being married is disturbing ur space ?
If u not ready to be a wife or a husband pls don't take someone's son or daughter and ruin their lives with ur childishness and stupidity.No part of the Bible says u won't make heaven if u don't marry and no one ever won a medal for being married but hell yea people have lost touch with Christ cos they married the wrong spouses , people are miserable and a good number have lost their lives for marrying the wrong people.
Remember singles , u have the privilege of choice ..u are either ready or not ...don't let anyone bully or intimidate u into getting married if u don't feel ready - u will know when the time is right not when the community thinks it is, not when ur mothers committee of friends think it is and certainly not when ur church G.O think it is...u just will know when its right and everything will fall in place ..
There's no competition in marriage and even if there is ,its not worth participating if all people do is hurt in the end...
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