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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Hi pls anonymous! I'm 23 yrs,I met dis guy on Facebook earlier last yr,he is from my hometown,we fell in love with each other and we started dating online.Middle of last yr he invited me over to Ghana cus that is whe re he resides,I promised him i will come after my exams,he introduced me to his mum and siblings,although I ve not seen them but I do talk with his mum on phone and chat with his siblings on Facebook.After my exams i confided in pastor about my trip to Ghana to go and see my newly found facebook lover,he warned me not to go since i no nothing about him,he said if he truly love me as he claimed that he should come down to Nigeria and see me,I called him later that day and told him wat my pastor said,he got furious and since den he started acting strange,no constant calls or messages unlike before.One day he called and told me he is no longer interested in d relationship since my pastor is d one telling me how to live my life,I cried throughout d whole night and i also called my pastor that same night and told him all he said,he said I should move on that he is not serious and not d right person for me.Fast forward to Dec last yr he called me and told me he is coming back for Christmas dat he will like to see me of which I agreed to see him.He took me to his family house cus he said his mum wants to see me, I met his mum and siblings they are fun to b with,he is from a gud home,he told me he wants me back that he is still in love with me and i accepted him back .right now am in a confused state cus since I left his house he hardly call,d last time i called he said he is no longer interested that i ruined everything,that I abandoned him when he needed me most,that I killed d love he has for me wen I refused to visit him.This is a guy that told me few days ago that he still love me and want us to start afresh,seriously am confused i dnt no wat to do, I ve called several times and he is nt picking my calls.Advice pls.
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