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Sunday, 22 January 2017

From a male blog reader:
All they are interested in is just money and food, they no longer have morals. I met one girl and decided to be romantic, bought few movies and asked her to come over to my house let us watch, instead she said we should go to the cinema that I just want to sleep with her. I made a nice home made meal, went to the market cooked myself after sweating in the kitchen, invited my gal over but she said no, she wants to go to a fast food. She never wants to come to my house, as comfortable as it is. She prefers to hang out in joints and hotels with me. Everything I try to do,she tag it sex. She is always begging for money or food. Either she wants to eat something or buy something. What happened to love, the good old days when all you need to do is play a romantic song(west life) to win her love. I have tried to be nice to ladies, I have loved them and treated them the way I wanted my dad to treat my mum,since am from a broken home. But I think the girls love fuck boys. The guys who will spank them, beat them up and throw money on them. I am a very comfortable man, own my house and a good job, all I want is a good woman to call my own, but they seem too hard to find. Bom please how can I find a good woman, where does she live? I will search for her and protect her like a diamond . I want a good woman that can over come money and food.
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