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Monday, 23 January 2017

Heavily-endowed Nollywood actress Anita Joseph blasted and exposed a United States-based producer who purportedly wants to pay her 1.5million naira ($3000) every two weeks she stars in an adult movie.

The following convo went on between the actress and the porn producer:
Man: It’s two weeks adult film. If you are interested, we plan your visa to come here and you gonna do an audition and if we see you got what it takes, then you got yourself a job. It’s all up to you.

Anita: So, you are into production?

Man: Something like that but it’s adult film only… Only if you are interested.

Anita: And you don’t know a movie storyline when you see one. You are very stupid.

Man: Am sorry, what?

Anita: Don’t ever in your entire…..if some actresses in my country do it, well, I don’t.

Man: Yeah, I truly understand

Anita: Am cursing you in my dialect. Aramasguogiri.

Man: I was just offering something

Anita: Gerrof my page. Ka Jehovah bara ghi mba. Take your offer somewhere else or miss.

Man: Seriously, $3000 is in it. Who turns $3000 down?

Anita: I will block you. And this your message and d**k will be all over social media. Don’t mess with me no more. Give your mum mask and sisters to work for you.

Man: I act adult film, no one knows it’s me.. And I’m proud to have six inches manhood. Just think about this offer. You gonna be able to live in the US but honestly you don’t need to block me. The acting ain’t full time, it’s just part time.

To be honest, the job is real. Why I said it was a joke is because I ain’t wanna see you get pissed off. But seriously, you gonna turn down $3000 every two weeks? No one In Africa is gonna know it’s you. My team gonna give you a mask. You wear the mask, do your scene, you get paid. Seriously, who turns down $3000

Anita: Don’t ever in your miserable life send sh*t into my Dm again. I interpreted a movie role well and to you it means I can do adult film. Chineke kpikwa gi oku.

Man: Some actresses in your country industry do it.

Anita: Some actresses in my country can do it, well, I don’t.
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