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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

From a female blog reader:
Am going to be 17 next month. I have been following your page since I have got no friend but just my laptop,iPAd,iPhones and so many expensive gadget to play with because my dad refuse me to make friends with both male or female. I live in my world and it is very lonely. My best friend and soul mate is my dad because he loves me so much . But something still surprises me each time I read stories here and online generally,nobody ever talk of making love to their father,but I do,so I find it very strange .My dad told me that he is the only man that can touch me in my private part,that if any other person does,I will die instantly. I love him so much so I don't even go out of the house except he takes me out. I do everything and anythingwith my dad. He is a wonderful person . But another confusing when I read stories about sex and husband, will I still die if I allow my husband touch me in places my dad touch me ? I really have a lot of questions to ask but have no friends to do that with . After my mum died,it has been I and my dad and I love him so much . Please can you all please tell me why nobody ever talk about their dad's touching them in private places .
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