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Sunday, 11 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Thank you admin for this platform, Pls keep my identity hidden. I'm young lady been in a relationship with a guy for 4 years, he disvirgined me. Last year, we had issues and I met another guy, I really got all emotional with this other person, up to the point that we almost had sex, but I stopped it from going further, I called my bf and told him I kissed a guy, Buh I didn't tell him the full truth.( that we smooched and he inserted his dick in me just once, just a thrust! and I hate him for that, he saw I was vulnerable and took advantage ) , since I started reading all this stories here, I saw most marriages had issues because of revealed untold truths/secrets and so I told my bf the full detail of what happened, now he's so angry, he doesn't call me, but if I call he picks, he answers with this bored tone.. right now, I don't know if I should keep calling or just move on with my life. Apart from that incident, I was practically naive and very strict when I met him, everything concerning sex, drinking, I learnt from him and he says it too. I know I hurt him and I'm not trying to act victim or act like a saint at all but I feel the punishment is too much,I didn't have sex technically with this person and I feel deep hatred for this other guy , so the question is, how long will I have to wait for him to come around, if he will ever come around??? Should I just go on with my life howbeit painful and forget all the years and sacrifices I've made?? And I love him so much..p.s: I'm a working class lady and I'm financially independent. No need for insults pls, I've insulted myself enough, I just need advice, Thanks I'll be reading comments. 
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