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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Please help me post this. Have u ever been so miserable that you didn't even know how to behave ! I don't even know what I'm feeling. I just discovered that I've been a side chick. In short, I've been his MMM. When I started seeing this guy, I wasn't even interested. But he kept on pushing till I fell in love too. He just loved me too much everyone kept telling me to give it a chance. He became my everything. Gave him all I had. All his friends kept asking what I did to their friend. My friends said I was lucky. He played it so well. Everytime we had issues his friends keep calling to tell me how miserable he is. Last week was my birthday and he didn't even call or text me. I was so mad. He couldn't even use my pic as dp. Something just told me to check his Facebook since we're not friends and to my shock he has been displaying this girl. Posted her pic on her birthday and threw a party for her. After further investigation I found out he has been with her since his university days. That's about 8yrs. I sent him a text asking him why he led me on and how he managed to play it. He was just too good. Driving all the way from Jos almost every weekend to see me. No suspicious phone calls or chats. His simple reply was I'm sorry. Bye. Have a good life. I've not been able to sleep for days now bcos Everytime I close my eyes I see his lying face telling me I love you. You're a blessing to me. I'm blessed. You're my accountability partner. I want to let it all go and move on but the pain is too much. My heart tells me he should not get off easily. How can I make him pay?
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