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Thursday, 15 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Please don't judge me just advise me.
I just lost my elder sister to child birth few months ago. She left 4?kids including the one she gave birth to before her death. Her husband is a very nice man and has come to ask for my hand in marriage because he says I will take good care of her kids and not maltreat them compered to a complete stranger. My parents have accepted but I feel so guilty like am taking what does not belong to me. I love my sisters kids but I will also have my own kids. Will I be able to carry such responsibility at my tender age of 22? My family says I owe it to my sister but I just feel guilty. Am so sorry to tell you all that I have been sleeping with her husband that is after her death because I go over to take care of the kids and practically live with them. What do I do ? Will my sisters spirit come after me? Will I be doing the right thing if I marry my late sisters husband? Please I need advise not insult pls. Thanks .
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