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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I'd like to seek clarity on a relationship that’s threatening to break me. Kindly post this as anonymous. I've been dating a girl in her early twenties for over a year now. We started dating right after she graduated from Uni and I'm only in the latter stages of bagging my ND from a Polytechnic. She knew all these from the scratch but it didn’t seem to be a problem. A few months back her parents found out about our relationship and opposes seriously to it as they feel me being a year older than her at my stage I'm a drawback. We seemed to be in love and we kept going strong despiter their disapproval. She left for Her Msc in Europe some months back and things have taken a dramatic turn. She flares up over the slightest issues threatens me with breakup, talks down on me and shows utter disrespect. Yet she claims she loves me and isn't cheating. Worst part is when she does something wrong, instead of apologizing she resorts to blaming me for her behaviour while showing little remorse. She has walked out on me a few times, yet I've always made excuses to take her back while seeing myself as the problem. Now she's done it again and told it's over for real and that by the time I realize I have a problem, she'd be long gone, all this after calling names and me staying silent. I feel she's messing with my brain and my friends feel I should let her go cuz she's probably already cheating and all but for some reason I'm tempted to reach out to her as I truly do love her. She keeps accusing me of cheating when I am not and she has no reason to assume I am.
Is this normal bases on the distance or as she moved on and left me chasing shadows. She's hurt me a lot with words and I'm starting to feel she deliberately wants to crush me for reasons I cant understand. Your sincere comments would be appreciated. 
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