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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
This about a friend not me,she follows your page so I'm sure she's gonna see this.
This my friend has been in abusive relationship with a thief for over 2yrs,he hits her anytime he wants even when he knows her health condition. I have tried talking sense to her but she always has a reason to go back to him.
The last one he did was the height of it all and even his family supported his act.I have tried everything I can do(including reporting to her parents and mine too)but she wouldn't listen and now she's back to him again,even though she tried hiding it from me but I still found out.
I really don't understand if this is love or something else.please I don't know what to do,should I confront her or pretend not to see them or what can I do to make her see what danger she's putting herself into??
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