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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
My FIANCE is an only child of a single mum, I've been putting up with his excesses cos I felt he would change overtime and his mum and family have been supportive with prayers and words of encouragement. Only recently to find out his mum totally changed towards me and I feel my fiance sold me out to her!...coupled with the fact that she's always saying she needs a grandchild even tho we aren't married yet and I don't think my fiance is serious minded for such commitments. Conclusively I'm on the verge of quitting this relationship because I see the guy is all shade of wrong, and in the process of being with him for over three years, I've lost my happiness... Nothing thrills me abt him anymore, At this stage of my conclusion when Ive this peace within me is when I get to hear different prophecies from different pastors that he's the one for me!, I seriously need HELP, cos I'm screaming in my silence and no one is hearing me. Thanx
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