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Thursday, 8 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Good evening,AV been wanting to get advice from everyone I come across but they all still laugh at me at the end so I feel I should share this with people who don't know me.My fellas could know me but I don't mind.
Am 24 years old and got married last year,I was blessed with a baby dis year and I AV a very understanding and lovely husband...did I just miss d word 'caring'? I dare not! He has been in support of everything I do and need,wen we talk about having a good husband,yes I can say I do but though like I used to hear that all men cheats! He does dat coded n wen I notice,he beg n backoff! Okay call me stupid but rem the 'grass is not always greener on the other side' so I blive everyone can't b complete....now my main problem is his mother! This man was once married and he has a kid as well but as at then,he impregnated d lady n was forced to marry her(as I was told by him and people around him) so I AV issue with his mom even bfor getting married to him,d mom always curse me,his dad is dead but d person left for him as a father likes me and advice me to follow my mind if truly I love him...his mom n elder sis lives together so d sis hates me too due to what the mother says...and even after having a kid for him,d mom wants me out of her son house n bring d old one! Meanwhile my husband not willing to take her back and they AV seen each other last since 2014 but still communicate n take responsibility of d kid....Am frustrated as at now and d woman will do Anything just to get my ass out of her son house....And of recent,my man beats me up for just an argument and will always get mad at little mistake I made,in short he prefers sleeping outside dan coming home!.so I was thinking am facing this problem bcos I got married earlier and I so much love my husband and I AV a kid not up to 7month for him!!!pls I really need your advice on this and would be so happy getting solution to this...thanks!
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