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Monday, 19 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I'm 26years old and have been dating this guy for 5years but his mum hate me with passion bcos she had some issues with my mum (they were once friends) and I've tried to ask why and make her like me but she keeps telling me she doesn't want me for her son and that no union will take place between both families. Then I decided to look for love somewhr else.
I started dating a friend who has been on my case for a while now and we got intimate after 5months n we've been dating for a year now. Fast forward to early this month, I was at his apartment and was cleaning when his diary fell from the shelf and my curiosity made me read a page where he wrote his plans for 2017 and to my shock he wrote it clearly that 'I would be getting married to Ann towards the end of the year 2017'. I'm not Ann and I don't even know the lady although he has mentioned her in some of our discussions as a friend from church. I was awake all through the night crying n thinking cos this is a guy that I feel very lucky to have, he behaves so perfect,nice and understanding knowing all that I went through with my ex and his mum.
I have been crying for days now and I had to summon up courage to ask him for his plans for me in 2017 n he said a few things which are every relationship goal but not marriage and I was forced to ask him if he has plans of ever settling down with me and he said YES with a smile and a kiss. Went further to tell me of how much of a plan that is. This lie has forced me to go through his chats which I have never done bcos I trust him n it's like av been a fool. He has been discussing us with his friends and they all know Ann. These are d same friends that always tell me we will make a great couple when we finally get married and he has also been hanging out with Ann, buying her gifts and all this while I felt he has been working late.
I'm confuse and I'm deeply hurt,av been through a lot in my past relationships n just when i thought I can love again, na player I go jam. Right now I'm angry n bitter.....don't know what to do!!!
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