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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I just met this guy few months back and everything has been going on smoothly except our sex life.
Can you all believe that this guy can not have sex without watching television, he must be watching of season movie or the other while I ride him killing myself. If we don't have light he will use lap top or his phone .The most annoying part is the part he fast forward and rewind it to show me he is concentrating, he does not moan or make sound, and after few min all I hear is (baby do you want me to cum )? If I say yes he will now purse the television and cum then later continue.
I have complained , nagged, talked but he says that is his own style. Sometimes it's foot ball, imagine your boyfriend fucking you and shouting on the footballers on tv to play well, sometimes while he is shouting goal his dick will just slip out and all i get is sorry, and i have to start giving him BJ over again.
Am getting frustrated, he is everything I want but the sex part is out of it. Please I need to know if it is something to worry about or ignore. Please help me I want him to read comments and let him feel my pain and frustration . Thanks admin.
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