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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I just found out that the guy I once had a one night stand with is my husband to be elder brother. I have dated my boyfriend for 3years now cause I met him jobless. God has finally blessed him with a job which I had to sleep with few top men in the society to land him that good paying job. He finally proposed to me and decided to take me to go see his family. I have been talking to his elder Brother on the phone since his was in the uk.
The day we finally met he recognized me but I did not. He accepted me politely and never said anything until late in the night I got a text message from him telling to leave his brother alone or he will expose me. I have tried begging him but he is insisting I sleep with him again. My fear now is if I sleep with him he might set me up, and if I decide to tell my bf, he might never forgive because I did not just sleep with his brother he shared me with some other men.
Please I need advise on how to go about it. This job I gave him will not waste with another woman. Help me out please I have really sacrificed am body for this guy.
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