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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I need to know if am over reacting.
My boyfriend does not clean me up after sex, before sex he is all romantic and can use his teeth to tear my panties, lick me silly and make hot love to me, but as soon as he is done he just back me and sleep off or just go wash off. He won't even come back to me,he just goes to the sitting room and start watching tv. But my ex was the bomb,after sex he cleans me up and cover me up, sometimes he even kiss my Pussy and whisper sweet words to my ears. I had to talk to my boyfriend about it but he said over his dead body will he clean a woman's pussy.
He said it is disrespect on his part, that if i can't clean myself after sex I should remain in bed. I saw a ring in his jacket yesterday so he might want to propose to me, but I can't marry a man who can't clean me up after sex, that is the best part I love the most.what do you guys think ? You think am over reacting ?or I need to adjust ? Thanks as I post ma.
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