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Monday, 12 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
My boyfriend can fuck for World Cup and this guy is so big, he has nothing to offer apart from sex. I feed him, pay his bills since he is not working yet but all he had to offer is sex and it makes me feel like a slut.
When ever we have a fight all he says when he come to apologize is, baby if I fuck you you will forgive and forget.
The day he cheated on me and I caught him all he was saying was baby am sorry, just let me finger you and u will forget. What rubbish.
But my question is this, why is sex so powerful because once he just have sex with me I tend to forgive and forget, it is like a charm on me.
7years of relationship now, 6 abortions and still no commitment . How long do I continue like this ? I really need advise on how to break loose of this guy and his sex game.
He even said he is jobless because of me, that if he starts working he might not have the energy to bang me the way he does, that I should just work while he takes care of my body. He cooks for me and do other house chores too. Is this a real man or just a talented fuck boy. Jehovah please help me .
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