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Friday, 9 December 2016

From a male blog reader:
My wife follows your page and I notice her advising people .I got tagged on a story and found out that my wife was a number one commentator here. Mrs manage your own home before you come to social media to be a counsellor. When last did we have sex?you can't even give head and I see u giving sex tips on the comment box. Just because I corrected u and asked you stop using ur teeth to bite me during blow job u got upset and moved to the guest room. You pour salvia like a snail during sex and I called u to other instead u told me to my face that your ex loved it like that. I will just keep u quite until am ready for you . This is just a warning,manage your family and sex life first before advising The public. Change for the better and put all your write ups into practice to make our marriage better. I had to write you publicly because if I call u privately like a wife u will get upset .
So take my advise . Love from your husband.
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