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Monday, 12 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Dear family.. Thank God for a platform like this cos I dunno who to talk to about this.. I have this married man I have been dating for few months now.. He was on the verge of divorce when I met him but in one way or the other I was able to talk him into walking things out with his wife which he did, though everything isn't back to normal but I try not to see him or spend time with him because I feel if he was investing in his marriage the way he does with me, he won't have any issues..
I broke up with him 24 hrs Bfre I found out that I am pregnant.. The both hospitals I visited strongly opposed to abortion as it might be the end of my life and I really dnt wanna have this child cos it will affect his marriage... I felt good with my self knowing I was able to mend up their life but after knowing this.. I really dunno what to do??
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