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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
It started when I quarrel with my bestie (a guy) I was so lonely.. So one of his friend staying in my hostel, (my bestie stays in an apartment) started coming to my room (he is a Ghanian) though we are friends but not that close, my ex rummie was a ghanian so he always come over before to see her and when she moved he stopped.. he is an introvert... The first day he came over..I was crying because I was lonely..he gave me the long hug I needed.. So ever since then he always look for excuses to come to my room, and along the line we kissed (I don't even know who initiated it.. He bite my lip and I was tryna revenge and when my lips touched his...I forgot what I was doing).. It was so perfect... And now I'm so in love.. And I think he is also in love too.. One of my female frnd was telling me how he was blushing whenever she mentioned my name and didn't even believe me when I said we aren't dating... My Indian rummie also think we are dating.. Yesterday he was still telling me how he wished he can kiss me while we were playing.. The problem now is.. His ex girlfriend is one of my close classmates (not close friends but then I love the girl so much) and they had this private relationship.. I was lucky to know when I started studying him.. Also lent he has kissed my ex rummie before and all kinda things... Now I don't even know what to do... He also has too many girls around me.. I really really love him... Pls dont tell me to face my studies... I see his pictures when Im about to read.. Im so obsessed with him that I cry when I don't see him in a day... It's crazy but yes... I'm in love and don't know what to do.. Pls help a dying sister...
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