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Thursday, 29 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I am so broken and might have to divorce my husband and let go of my marriage because of what he said to me. A lot of people called it common word but that word broke my soul into pieces .
I just got married few months ago and I told my husband everything about me, how my mother threw me away in the dust bin and I was picked by my foster parents, I told him the pains I felt and all the molestation I got from my foster father . I even told him how he got me pregnant and made me abort it twice before I ran away from the house to go learn a trade.
I told him all my experience on the street of Lagos and how I survived. He still agreed to marry me.
Yesterday we just had a little disagreement and he said I was mad, I got upset and told him not to say that again or I will insult him too, he repeated it that I was mad and foolish, so I called him a weak man,do you all know that this man called me BORN THROWAWAY, that no wonder my mother rejected me from birth, and he walked away.
I have been crying all day and feeling less of myself. I feel like dying and killing myself because he mocked my past and the fact that I confided in him as a husband and he messed me up. I really want to divorce him , cause he has reminded me of my past and mocked me with it. I need advice pls .
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