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Sunday, 18 December 2016

From a male blog reader:
I don't know why my wife is making this an issue.
All I want to know is who owns a woman's body once she is married if not her husband.
I love hairs,long full hairs both in her private part and armpit it turns me on and makes me want to eat her up.If you want to kill me and want me to last for hours just sweat and allow that funny smell. I love the Smell like crazy that is why I love to take my wife as soon as she gets back from the market.
I deliberately did not buy her a car because I want her to always sweat for me mostly when she is coming back from work or the market . I love that stressful face and sweaty body it turns me on. But my wife won't listen,acting Mrs cleanliness and killing the spice in our marriage. Most times she calls me wicked that I can't drop her in the market but allow her jump taxis but she does not know I just want her to sweat. I even disconnected all the air conditioner in my house just to make her sweat. Sometimes I will refuse to pay nepa Bill or recharge our meter just to make her sweat that is how much I love it .I have sat her down to make her understand but she won't listen until I start cheating on her. Am not asking for too much just grow your hairs and I will love u till death. Please I need u ladies to talk to her cause she is a fan of this page.
Bless you all.
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