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Monday, 12 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Hello, good evening fam... Am a huge fan of your page and yes! I do comment almost on all the stories you post.. Please eh, I need tips on how to get this guy out of the box.. So here is the thing, we are both copers but serve in different states, am a stream 1 Corper and he is stream 2, he is serving in kaduna where I stay, his staying with his brother whom is a tenant in my compound. So I came home for a wedding one time like that and that was when I saw him and that was it, love at first sight, since June till now I can't take him off my thoughts. I haven't dated for the past 2years and some months now, but with the thoughts of this guy, everything seems just right... Is he dating? I don't know... I barely get a chance to talk to him, perhaps he doesn't want to come close because he feels am the landlord's daughter, I really can't tell. He goes to work (PPA) and enters the house till the next day, sometimes when I see him around the compound, he wants to go and drop his niece off school... But then, one good thing is, whenever we get the chance to say 'good morning' he says it with joy and this very warm smile like... Oh my! I really like him seriously, how can I get him to have a longer talk with him? I don't even have his phone number eh, no Facebook account nothing, no mode of communication, nothing!... Now, we are on Christmas break at my place of primary assignment, and I will be going home (will be home alone) for the next 1 or 2 weeks before my parents gets back... I feel that's a great chance for me, but this guy is always indoors eh.. Do you think If I get one of those 'good morning' opportunities I should ask him to let's hang out? Won't I sound or look desperate? I like the old fashioned way, guy making the first move but am dying inside of me... Please help me with tips am love dumb right now can't think of tips that's why am writing to my people... Biko eh, help a sister. Thanks... No insults abeg eh, I mean it's not called for just give advice. Thanks. 
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