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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

From a male blog reader:
I am a guy of 28years, Working here in Lagos, Kindly keep my identity anonymous, i first met my girlfriend here in lagos when she came to look for a job. so we hooked up and started dating, this is a 1yr and 6months now of our relationship, am i would be travelling to US as a Permanent Resident.
And if i travel, i would need some time to stabilize and make some more fortune to marry her and bring her over to the States.
I disvirgined her, and uptill now am still very sure am the only guy she has made love to.
But my fear now is, Can she stay at least 2to3yrs faithful ?, because if another guy by luck or by chance eats my girls p**$y ... i might not take it lightly both with my girl, and the guy.
pls how do i protect my property from being invaded by unforeseen circumstances, just in the name of my Absence and Konji... Just that i dont want to start regretting disvirgin her, cos we both love making love to one another.
please no insults i need matured minds to drop their advice.
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