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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Am 25,working class,am shattered and crying as i write this from the airport. Fell for a guy who helped me gain admission into the same school, he had a gf at the time but said they had issues, so I went on dating him.later I found out he had made up with her,it really tore me but this guy is caring beyond normal, he even takes care of anyone else he sees has a need not just me,this endeared me more to him.
Once I asked him if he had gone back to the lady,he told me the plain truth since they have been together for awhile he cannot just leave her like that,that he wants us to end our relationship this truth made me land in the hospital,he took care of me,paid the Bill's and we continued dating.
Two years ago the gf came to his place while we were together, she made him send me away,threw my things out,I was very devastated,had to claw at him,tore his shirt and slapped him with my last strength, i really love this guy and I know he loves me much too.
Fast forward to now-i met him recently and our love reignite,we started out again but this time he is withdrawn and less caring but since I earn a living with a good company I didn't mind,only for me to go through his social media account and see his friends wishing him HML,I accosted him and he did not deny it,he married that his gf and was still sleeping with me all this while,I have fallen apart again,I cannot bear the thought of been without this guy or loosing him again or the thought of him fucking another woman (he fucks really good)which he claims she thought him how,to my face,am going on vacation now to take my mind off this hurt,what do I do to break away from him,I don't know if it is juju or something else cos I still want to keep dating him(fucking him)even marry him if.....pls help me!
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