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Friday, 23 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
 I'm gonna be so brief on this.I'm 22year old lady and I'm okay with all I've got. I have a man who is *family obsessed, he can't buy a shirt without his mum, funny enough he's not the only son so I can't fartom the cause of his obsession. I love him no doubts, he proposed and I said accepted, he wants the marriage next year he mistakenly told me yesterday,(he was a bit tipsy) that his mum is gonna be with us when we get married for at least six months, biko this man is 28 years old. I asked him about it this morning and he denied it. The problem is I'm frightened, I don't want issues with his family but 6 months after marriage is a big deal, his mum by the way is diabetics so the cooking for her, and all that gives me headacge already. Anytime I try talk to her about it, he makes a scene out of it and I'll have to apologize sorry but I have to say this, he is bringing his mum to my house ooo. Please is it gonna be reasonble if I leave now, I'm not so deaperate to get married and loose my self respect, happiness or peace please I need some real talk here. Thank you
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