N448/N450 (updated 20.3.17:noon)
buying/selling naira exchange rates per USD
Saturday, 10 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I just need help with deciding. I'm a 25 year old lady (single mum) living in Abuja. I have a 5year old boy with my folks in lag pending when I can be more responsible for him(working towards him coming here). I met a guy last year who lives in one of the European countries while in the UK and he's doing well (he's 40 with a 2yr old son). I moved back to the country late last year, we have been in touch since we met and he's been talking marriage seriously(I'm not in a hurry btw). Now he's coming to the country this holiday, he's talked abt me familiarizing with him family and all that wahala. I like him a lot but I dunno how to tell him abt my son. I love my baby to death; I'm defo not ashamed of being a mother. Many guys have broken up with me as a result of that hence, I said I wouldn't just tell any guy I meet that part of me until I'm sure we're heading somewhere (afterall not everybody deserves to know your story). Dunno why I'm afraid to tell him and if I'd tell him how do I tell him such that I'd be able to defend my not telling him from on set...Thank you fam, cheers!
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