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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Good evening.Please keep me anonymous. I don't know how to manage this. It's been 4 years I had a real relationship, I mean that I loved hard and gave my all but it didn't work. My head is so messed up right now that I don't believe anything a guy says. I feel it's all lies. I'm a 25yr old lady and I can say I'm doing fine in other areas. Recently, I've been wanting a relationship really bad. Like loneliness is settling in. I just desire to have someone to talk to about my aspirations, my fears and all. About 4weeks ago, I met someone who seems too good to be true but due to past experiences, I just don't know how to handle it. He is in his early 30s, made his intentions known and we agreed to date. I have snooped around so bad but I have found nothing. Trust me, I'm very good at being a detective when it comes to that. The lil issue is he wants sex which I have been denying him. I don't have a problem having sex with him but I don't want to look cheap or get dropped like it's hot afterwards. Deep down i want to but fear of the unknown is killing me. He keeps saying he's not my ex and I shouldn't treat him based on past experiences. He just wants to have a feel of his woman. Please guys, would you see your girl as a loose one if she gave you the cookie jar too early? When do you think sex should come into a relationship? And please do you guys think he is real and wants something serious? I just want something real this time . I'm so confused. I wish God gave us the gift of seeing people's true intentions. I'm so tired and scared 😢😢😢 I mean for how long do I need to keep denying him of sex even though I want it? Please if sex isn't given too early, does it have an affect?, give the lady more respect? Do you guys still care about such things? 

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