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Thursday, 8 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Dear all,
I'm a regular reader here and I've learnt so much from people's experience. Now I'm in dilemma.
I'm a corper posted to Rivers state,Port Harcourt. I'm beautiful in such a way that any man will look twice but I've never been lucky to find a reasonable guy. Men come and after a while I always realize that it's either they are married, engaged or not ready for anything serious at all. I came in with the batch A earlier this year. Not long after my arrival, I met a young man. He's so handsome ,nice, funny, playful, respects women. He is all any woman can ever pray for. We met while he was given health talks to us at my PPA. Since then we've been talking but he never showed interest in date. He treats me so well that every second I always pray he is mine. He is always caring and selfless not to me only but everyone. For his age, he earns well. Believe me, anyone who meets him will love to be friend with him. On getting to discover him more, I realize he is in a relationship with a girl who is in overseas. They've been together for a while I guess. The problem now is I'm in love with him so much that I'll do anything for him. Though I've never told him but i see he is in love with this girl overseas and I'm worried ladies that are far away tend to disappoint guys who are away and I can't bear to loose him into time to a lady who might disappoint him eventually. It even got worse now that I heard from his friend that he is getting married to her this month in few weeks time and she'll go back out of the country. I once flipped through his phone (i know it's wrong) and I realize it's like the girl doesn't give him enough respect as a woman should do to a man. What if he loves me but never showed me, what if he wants to be with me but doesn't wanna break the loyalty to his distant babe. I want him to myself.
I know I'll be insulted but please matured mind should try to give me a reasonable advice because I don't think I can ever meet any man better than this guy. I don't want to loose him. I'm tired of opening my legs to different men. Matured minds only please. Pease post today. He is traveling soon
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