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Monday, 19 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
My husband loves me so much and can not stay a day without sucking my breast , he got so use to it that even when we fight he begs to suck before he sleeps.
My biggest problem now is that I just gave birth and my child never gets any breast milk. Once my breast is full my husband will rush and suck all the milk leaving the child with nothing and I have to give her formulae which is not too good for a new born child. As soon as I wake up to breast feed my daughter, this man will jump up and grab me and before I know it he wil suck me dry while my baby will be crying helplessly .i have to tell our pastor to talk him since he respects and listens to him , which my pastor did. But I noticed he changed but he started cheating on me. I see lots of breast pictures in his phone and if I ask him he will ignore me. He even refused to touch me and when I try to go close or give him breast to suck he will say keep it for the baby . What made me write u was the video I saw last night on his phone when he dosed off in the sitting room. My husband was sucking a woman's boobs and put it on camera, I guess he masturbated with it and slept off because he was naked. Please house do u all think I did something wrong by asking him to stop sucking my breast instead of my baby ? Should I go apologize and let him suck my milk since I can get an alternative for my child . Am really confused, am loosing my husband, he is suppose to be my first child . Help advise me .
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