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Friday, 16 December 2016

From a male blog reader:
Please I really need you to post this. Am a man but what I witness just now really provoked me. Why will a man be beating up a lady like he is beat a thief. This how the story the begins. I have a space inside an hotel where I do my own personal business, the manager is a friend. Once a while I just chill @ the reception and have few chat with anyone available. On this day I was talking to one of the lady, of I know she dating the manager and he has beating her not once not twice, must cases the lady run to me for help..she runs to my work section or seek help else where. Actually the lady was gisting me and tell me to talk to my friend(the manager) to always calm down and all. He comes in sees us talk walk around @ some point gave the lady some work to do. Sincerely I was talking to the lady with pure mind. After about 30min, he offered both the lady and my self watermelon I refused because I was filled up, the lady, I seriously don't know why. He just shouted @ the lady was beating her, the lady was forced to run to me. @ 1st I didn't want to act..but when I saw the way he was beating this lady. Haba... no no, I stood up and yelled @ him. Please ladies if you a dating a guy or even if it just flings must they beat you. Are that stupid? Why will you allow someone to beat u cause you are in a relationship. You can like to have sense.. I saw the beating and I felt bad...please know what you arew doing. And for the men beating ladies even the stronger men.(the solider) are more discipline.. so if you think beating up a lady makes you stronger go fight lion...
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