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Sunday, 11 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I know I might get a lot of insult from this post but I need to know.
I have been married for 5years now and I have no child due to one problem or the other. The family doctor is assuring us something positive will happen soon.
I don't know if to call this cheating but I have been playing some kind of rough play with my doctor. Each time I go for check up he fingers me and I enjoy it, sometimes he just ask me to watch him as he masturbate and cum in front of me. Sometimes he will also ask me to touch myself. I don't know if he uses charm on me but I just end up Doing what he says. 2 days ago I went for check up but this time he went further, he opens my dress and sucked my boobs then shifted my panties and just rubbed the cap of his dick on my pussy. He did not penetrate me he just did that for few mins and poured outside my body. And after this act he just wear his dress and leave the room for me pretending like nothing happened at all. The next thing he starts acting all official and we have never talked about romance or any thing but he keeps playing this rough play with me. Please people do you all think I have cheated on my husband ? Like I said he did not penetrate just the cap of his dick that he used to rub me. Do I need to feel guilty ?
Thanks hide my identity pls.
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