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Saturday, 10 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Good day, I have known this guy for over two years now, he is nice, gentle and makes sure he listens and attend to my needs. Right from the first four months of our relationship the guy has been singing about marraige but I didn't take him seriously because I don't mean to rush in following the disappointments i had from previous people. Now my problem is I visited this guy two days back and we had unprotected sex for the first time. This morning i saw him rubbing this kind of anti-inflammatory, fungus or bacterial cream(ketaconozole and another kind) on his penis which i know this creams are mostly used for treating genital infections, so I quickly took his phone and went through but i found nothing even though he can leave his phone with me for hours,Although I haven't felt anything abnormal or any itchy swelly signs but I was confused and mad at same time because i was wondering if he knew he has any STi nd still managed to go raw in me, could that be wickedness?? Family can a male contact a genital infection that was not sexually transmitted?? I know girls can from sharing inner garments nd usage of public toilets but i don't know of guys. I have been worried, we were supposed to travel out for vocation by weekend but I freaked out nd asked him to drop me at the airport because I'm leaving, nd I have not been talking to him since, he has been asking but i jus shun nd told him i dnt wanna go for the voc again. Family help me please. Thanks 
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